Anime Boston Volunteer Program

Anime Boston 2017 is over!

Thank you Volunteers! We couldn't have done it without you!

Please check back later if you would like to register to volunteer for next year.

Welcome to ABVP!

We are a department that resides within the Anime Boston community, where every year we serve as the major workforce that oils the operations of Anime Boston convention. By volunteering, we give back to the anime and the Boston community that we cherish, and in return, you get a thriving convention that houses what you love about Anime Boston that has broken record numbers every year.


Volunteer registration for Anime Boston 2017 will open from Feb. 1st to Mar. 16th. If you missed the registration period, you will have to visit the VHQ at-con and inquire about volunteering then.

Visit the Volunteer Info and the Volunteer FAQ page for more info.

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This site is still very new! You may run into a bug or two as we make our tweaks in the coming weeks. If you run into any errors or have any questions, please send an email to